Alphabet book…

Cartilha Tipográfica (letterpress primer): teaching the passion for letterpress…

These letterpress monoprints were produced at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo and showed at Ateliê Galeria Priscila Mainieri, from November 23rd to December 13rd, 2013

ABACAXI (ananas)A

BORBOLETA (butterfly)B




DROMEDÁRIO (dromedary)D


ELEFANTE (elephant)E


FOLHA (leaf)F


GALINHA (chicken)G




ÍNDIO (indian)I


JACARÉ (alligator)J


There’s no letter K in Portuguese…  LEÃO (lion)L


MOTOCICLETA (motorcycle)M


NAVIO (ship)N

ONÇA (jaguar)O

PAVÃO (peacock)P

QUATI (coati)Q

RELÓGIO (clock)R

SAPO (frog)S


UVA (grape)U

VIOLINO (violin)V

There’s no letter W in Portuguese…  XÍCARA (cup)X

There’s no letter Y in Portuguese…  ZEBRAZ

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