insequentealfabeticoinconsequenciaalfabeticaInconsequência Alfabética (Alphabetical Inconsequence) album show at MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo, from Oct 2012 to Jan 2013. 96 letterpress monoprints, 34 × 24 cm, produced at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo. Binding by Estela Vilela and Mariza Garcia de Souza. Cover wood inlay by Karina Figueiró.livro



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Drawings on wall with Poska pen and water soluble wax pastel for the 2011 Projeto Parede (The Wall Project) at the MAM – Museum of Modern Art, in São Paulo. During 136 days, 53 artists from the collective Cada Ver (Each Sight) painted on a wall inside the museum, generating a collective work before the audience. Curated by Carola Trimano.

como_assimcaminhosuaveThe Caminho Suave art collective (Claudio Rocha, Claudio Ferlauto, Marcos Mello, Os Gêmeos, Herbert, Vitché and Nina) brought to the Rede de Tensão (Electric Power Transmission) 2001 exhibition, at Biennial of São Paulo, a vision of the city that gathered images, texts, graffiti and letterpress billboards, recreating the degraded visual texture of cities in a built environment with scraps and wood panels.

rulesAlphabetic Rules: letterpress print (brass rules and wood type), 45 × 35 cm. Produced at Tipoteca Italiana for the Interrobang exhibition, Ditching Museum of Art + Craft (30 April – 30 May 2016), for The Village of Type, part of Brighton Festival, with a publication by Random Spectacular. It was a selling exhibition that showcased the best of international letterpress printing from around the world.



ABACAXI (ananas)

Cartilha Tipográfica (letterpress alphabet book): teaching the passion for letterpress… these monoprints were produced at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo and showed at Ateliê Galeria Priscila Mainieri, from November 23rd to December 13rd, 2013


BORBOLETA (butterfly)

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Roupa de Domingo – Poesia e Prosa (Sunday Clothing – Poetry and Prose), collective exhibition at Casa das Rosas, in 2011. Visual Poetry by Claudio Rocha on mannequin with Poska pen…

…silkscreen printing on sheet, pillow and pajamas. Text from a page of the book Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (The Dream of Poliphilus), first published in 1499, in Venice, by Aldus Manutius.